Word Cookies-Puzzle That Will Blow Your Mind

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Word cookies is a game that might get you hungry in more ways than one. It’s a new anagram style word puzzle game from the developer BitMango, the creator of Roll the Ball and Block hexa puzzle. At its core it’s a straightforward word game with a baking motif interspersed with dark patterns and light fonts.


The gameplay is easy to glean from the beginning. In this game you must uncover words based on the letters that are given to you. In each level you will have to guess multiple words of different lengths. Words can be vertical, horizontal and even backwards. The words are created by using finger gestures to spell out the words from the given letters. The player can swipe words in any direction and that way create a word that fits into one of the word slots. If you create a good word a green link will appear and if the word you created is bad or unaccepted there will be a red trail.

Once you fill all the word slots and finish the level a new level will be unlocked. There are over 580 levels with each one getting harder and harder. In the early stages of the game you will need to guess words that consist of two to three letters in length, but as the game progresses there will be words consisting up to seven letters.  No rush, take your time and try out different combinations.

Coins and Points

If you stumble upon a word you cannot guess, you purchase hints with coins. You earn coins by completing packages. Our advice is not to be hasty and take all the coins at once. Instead, take it slow because each hint is worth one letter.

As you complete a level you gain points that go toward your chef level. When you complete a package your chef level goes up which is portrayed by a chef’s hat growing in size and style.

Brain Booster

Word Cookies is a great game to test out your vocabulary and it can be used as a great tool to expand your knowledge of the English language. With each level getting harder, you will definitely need to use your brain and think of the right words. This game is a great exercise for the brain, considering that it keeps your mind engaged all the time. It has over 1 million downloads on Play Store alone meaning that you can’t go wrong.

Test your vocabulary in this addicting game and enjoy tons of high quality levels. This is a fun game with delightful visuals in kitchen themed art style. The color palette is vibrant and the animations are fluid. The self-contained nature of the game makes it easy to get into it and stay into it. Download Word Cookies today!




I feel like I have improved my vocabulary so much after I’ve started playing this game. It’s so much fun and it’s good for the brain as well. Love love it!

James P.

I downloaded this game for my kid and now I am the one who can’t get enough of the game. Plus, the design is so cute and adorable. I love the theme!

Shawn G.

Very simple and easy to play, yet so challenging. Recommended for everyone who wants to learn and be amused while doing it.

Edmund M..

I love the design, the graphics and everything about this game! I am definitely sharing it with my friends.

Perry K.

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