War Dragons

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War dragons is a game developed by Pocket Gems and it has large base of gamers around the world. This game represents a new visual high for mobile games because of it’s stunning 3D graphics. The game is based on Mantis Engine which enables both amazing 3D graphics and synchronous multiplayer play on mobile networks.

Game features   

You can create your own magical kingdom with all different kinds of military features to protect it of attacks. You build and customize your own dragon army.

In War dragons you can choose to play player-versus-player or in a team multiplayer combat. Each match lasts up to 15 minutes and the paces are fast with lots of explosions. Each match can have three attackers and three defenders and if you attack another base, you can call up on your mates to join you in the attack. If you get attacked you will get a notification and you can and you join the defense and fight off the attack. You can declare wars on other as well as form guilds. The matches have replays so if you are interested to see how the game evolved you can do that very easily. There is also an option to chat with your team in a private chat.


War Dragons offers you more than one hundred dragons that are different from each other in terms of attack styles, spell abilities and classes. You can train and breed each dragon and customize their island fortresses with towers and ballista and that way make room for different defense strategies. The furious behemoth  Khrysos is the dragon that can help you dominate the battlefield Sorcerer dragons have the power to heal attacks.  You can also use consumable heal points to heal them or you can just for them to heal themselves. You can build high walls and towers and many other constructions within the castle and that way create many obstacles.

You can keep up to six dragons at a time, but keep an eye on the fact that you must have a proper dragon in order to take on a heavy-duty fortress. As you expand your base to new islands you have a better view and clear out the fog that covers the island. There, you can build new defense mechanisms.

You can participate in a variety of multiplayer events and win rewards like dragon eggs and treasure hunts.

Guild system 

One of the most anticipated features in this game is the guild system. Your guild members can help you attack others, defend your base and fight in massive wars. You can find another guild members on forums. At any time guild teammates can simultaneously attack an enemy base. There can be up to 50 players in a guild.


Definitely the best graphics I have ever seen in a game. This is a game above other games. No wonder it has so many players around the world. This game is a must!

Cecil M.

Wow! You can’t help but notice the amazing 3D graphics. It’s over the top. It has a great story lines and the dragons only add appeal to the game.

Darryl D.

I love every part of this game. The multiplayer events are awesome and there are so many unique features. I am sharing this game with everyone because it’s just too good!

Jay E.

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