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Township is a city-building and farming game developed by Playrix. Township game was first released as an Adobe flash app on Facebook, and shortly afterwards was released for iOS and Google play. It is also available on Amazon app store.

Game features   

Creating a perfect place to live in means starting from scratch. You start off with a small plot where you plant some corps and you build a few houses. As your game progresses you will be able to buy new lots to make your town bigger and surround it with all the necessary infrastructure. You can build your own buildings and decorate them the way you want to. The citizens of your town will need different resources of foo , that’s why you can harvest crops on the farm, run processing facilities and sell goods to develop your town. The game also presents you the opportunity to take care of animals and build your own zoo and even breed animals. You turn into a virtual mayor and even trade with foreign countries and look for ancient artifacts.
The quirky and interesting personalities of the people of your town make life brighter and fun. In order to encourage social life among them in your town you can build cafes, restaurants and other community buildings. You can decorate your town the way you want to-landmarks and flags and other features are also included. You can also bring exotic goods from different islands.

Fun and user friendly app

This game is free to play, easy to download and very easy to get it going and learn to play.  However, there are some item’s that you can buy with real money. This is optional and it’s not required for a great gaming experience. It’s a fun game that you can play at your own speed.

You can also meet different people from around the world when grouping up as a team and competing with other teams. You can also interact with friends and share useful goods on Facebook and Game center.

This is a very simple game to play because almost every action is carried out by dragging objects from one place to another. For instance, all you need to do to plant seeds is touch the screen.

The progress you make in this game can be seen very clearly. Starting off with a small plot, you end up with a township with City hall, public services etc.

This is a very fun management game that works very well on touchcreens. The graphics is good and the gameplay is so simple and yet so addictive.



My whole family enjoys this game. Definitely recommended for any age group. I play it together with my kids and we all enjoy it together. Give this game a try, you will love it!

Shanika C.

Don’t let the complexity fool you, this is a game that’s so easy to play. As a fan of Sim City, this is the game that I have been waiting for. Highly recommended!

Mary M.

I love how well it works on touchscreens. The controls are great, the graphics are also very good and you can play the game at your speed.

David C.

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