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Let’s get smashing in this fun and challenging match-three puzzle adventure game inspired by the film The Book Of Life. Travel across fantastical worlds and conquer puzzle challenges while you match sugar candies and swap rainbow drops. Sugars smash was developed by Jam City, which is the leading developer in cross-platform social gaming. Indulge in a sweet adventure journey of candy.

Game features  

Sugar smash is a game in the style of Candy Crush Saga and other games that fit that genre where you have to match knickknacks of the same color to make them disappear. However, what makes this game different from the huge amount of similar games are the stunning graphics and the unique Mexican style. It has a funny storyline where you will meet charismatic and quirky characters. Help Maria, Joaquin and Manolo to collect treats and charms as they prepare for an epic fiesta!

The objective of each level is to match the required number of objects and make them disappear. You make matches by swapping the locations of two matching symbols and that way creating a horizontal or vertical line of three identical treats. Each level has a specific goal which can vary from creating matches with large quantities of specific kinds of treats to breaking churros and so on. For instance, there will be levels where you will have to match 15 oranges and other levels where you will have to match 20 red hearts. You will get special pieces with super powers if you match them by creating shapes. If you make matches in “L” or “T” shapes you will get powers that either explode or clear up a cluster of nearby symbols or powers that can clear all symbols in an “X” shape. Finally, if you make a match of five symbols the game creates a treat that can be used to clear all symbols of a single color from the board. There are many sugary sweet challenges and power ups such as Chuy Charge and Pinata Bombs.


There are two modes that you can play this game: level goal and quest or story mode. No matter which mode you have chosen you will be provided with basic tutorial to start off with the game.

Daily challenges

If you want to earn rewards and boosters you can join the daily challenges and destroy as many pigs as you can. You can reach the top and climb the world leader board by mastering your pig blasting skills and earning 3 stars with highs scores.

Tips and Tricks

You can beat most of the obstacles in this game by popping balloons near them, meaning that pigs will be defeated if you pop two sets of balloons near them, glass will be shattered if you pop a balloon that’s located next to it, bubbles will disappear if you pop a bird underneath it. However, be aware that some objects require that you pop balloons that are inside them and not the ones near them. This is important to know when you use power-ups. You should also tease your brain a little bit and develop a  strategic gameplay if you want to be the best in this game.

Easy to play

This game has easy mechanics and short levels that you can finish in one or two minutes. What this game perfect for anyone is that the developers have made it both fun and easy for kids and attention-grabbing and interesting for adults. Sugar smash features the voice of famous celebrities such as Channing Tatum, Christina Applegate, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Ice Cube and many more! The colorful and amazing visuals will make you play it even more.


I love the movie so this game came as a perfect sequel to it. It’s fun, it’s colorful and the story line is great. It’s great for adults too!

Jeffrey J.

I am addicted! Like Candy Crush, but with a better storyline and visuals. It even features many celebrities. Highly recommended!

John T.

I love the visuals, I love how easy it is to play and once I start playing I can’t stop. Every level is different so there is no way to get bored with this game.

Richard Y.

Awesome game! The celebrity voices only add appeal and make the game even more interesting. As a fan of matching puzzle games I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Kenneth E.

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