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The fascination for animals has never gone away. Games like Digimon Masters and Skylander Battlegrounds have been so popular because of people’s obsession with keeping animals as their companions. More than 400 monsters are waiting for you in Monsters legends. The creators of this app have made it possible to catch and breed more than just dragons and treat them for heated battles. This game has proven to be so fun and addictive that the player-s base has reached the number of over 40 million people worldwide.

Game features   

In Monster legends you will find more than 400 unique monsters that can give you advantage in battle. Every monster belongs to a certain type that determines it’s skills and advantages in battles. This is an action game where you play in 3-v-3 battles.


Obviously you need unique monsters in order to have advantage in battles. You can breed different types and create new types of monsters. Let’s say, if you want to breed a fire and nature hybrid, you must have both fire monster and nature monster. After you have made sure that you have two monsters, you send them to the Breeding Mountain where they produce a little baby hybrid in the form of an egg which will grow in a hybrid monster. In addition, new monsters that you can catch, train and breed are constantly being added. In a true gaming fashion you can level up and collect experience points. You can also collect awards and treasures. You battle at regular events which in terms of feature and action are not so regular – they are filled with dangers and mysteries.

You can build a whole world of monsters on a special remote island and make it a monster’s natural habitat by filling it with unique temples and farms.


Prepare yourself for heated battles against other monster masters by developing a certain strategy. Part of the game strategy is also taking care of the monsters and building them up to make them stronger than the rest. Set up a strong monster team and pay attention which monsters work together the best. You will also need to implement special tactics to each monster to win battles easily.

Multiplayer battles

You battle with other monsters in the multiplayer arena. Basically, you play in a worldwide league with many people from different corners of the world where the strength and qualities of different monsters is measured. Team up with your friends and get ready for a fierce fight. You can also join or form an Alliance and obtain exclusive monsters from the Team Shop. This game also features Adventure mode where you also test your skills, strategy and stamina and see what your monsters are capable of.

Download this game for free on iTunes or Google store and catch, breed and train a variety of monsters.



I love the huge selection of monsters. You can’t get bored with this game because there are so many monsters with unique characteristics. The controls are very smooth and the graphics are nicely done as well.

Kenneth L.

Great action game. Fast pace, keeps you intense all the time. I love this game and not a day goes by without playing it.

Bradley K.

I love the action in this game. I prefer fast games and this one is the perfect for me. I play it with my friends everyday!

Frank D.

Such a fun game! Great combination of strategy and action. I love the 3 versus 3 player battles!

William O.

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