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Mobile legends is a MOBA style game developed by Moonton that is very similar to popular games like League of Legends and Heroes of the storm. It’s a 2017’s brand new eSports product.

Game features   

Mobile legends has simple controls and is very easy to master. You play it by using a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right. You get matched up with a team of 5 people, so basically you join your friends in a 5v5 battle system. The developer of this game is very proud to say that you can queue in this game in matter of seconds. The battles last 10 minutes. All you need is to just pick up the phone and the get will get going.



You are able to choose between several heroes that have a different game play. Mobile legends offers you a nice roaster of characters you can choose from. You buy every hero with Battle points or Gems. At the beginning you start off with a good amounts of Battle points and depending on your play you can buy two cheap heroes, one medium priced hero or maybe save your money and buy an expensive one. What’s important to notice is that new heroes are constantly being released. There is no hero training or paying for a better one. This game is developed in such a way that is fair and competitive. Whether you are going to be a winner or loser depends solely on your skills.


After you’ve chosen you hero, you are put on map with 3 lanes and each lane has a certain number of turrets. You goal is to go further towards the base by taking your minions through the lane and destroying each turret.  If you want to avoid being targeted and taking heavy damage you should attack turrets when your minions are within their range.


This game is all about team work and strategy and knowing your role. You are not only there to fight the opposing team, but to show team spirit and cooperate with you teammates. Only that way you can handle them all. You can heal teammates and control the enemy. Destroy enemy towers and fortresses. Part of your strategy will also be choosing from Tanks, Marksmen, Assasins etc.

Offline al assistance

The developers of this game have made sure you don’t let down your team mates in case your internet connection goes off. While you are offline your hero will be controlled by the game’s Al-system which has been implemented in the game just so there aren’t unfair 5-on-4 situations.


I really like this game. You get into the game within seconds and the battles last 10 minutes which makes this game so exciting. I am rating it with 5 stars!

Michael A.

Highly recommended for everyone that loves classic MOBA games. The virtual joystick is such a great feature. One of the top combat games at the moment.

Kenneth J.

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