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Lords Mobile is a real time strategy time which provides gigantic mega battles with players from all over the world. Feel like a true warrior and play with over 50 million global players. Lords Mobile became an online multiplayer sensation with over 5 million downloads and 4 out 5 rating because of its innovative features and addicting gameplay. This game comes from one of the top rated developers on Play Store – IGG.com.

Game Features 

The way you will be managing your empire isn’t much different from the other Android strategy and battle games, such as Mobile Legends. This means that at the beginning you will be provided with resources such as stone, wood, food which you will use to construct new buildings aiming to construct bigger and better ones. In order to protect your kingdom, you will need to recruit and upgrade your heroes and create a powerful army that will defend your Kingdom from the enemies. You can travel the world and find exotic heroes that will fight for your cause. The main objective of the game is to build an ultimate empire and awe-inspiring army that will defend the empire at any cost.
During battles players aren’t allowed to directly control their troops and respond to enemy attack. You will need to prepare them beforehand and keep their morals and spirits high to keep them fighting. The quality of your weapons and armor will without a doubt play a big role in the outcome of the war.
What makes this game interactive is the online multiplayer user interface and the large online community. Lords Mobile offers you the chance of world domination and it’s a fun way to ease the stress of the day.

Unique Features

Lords of Mobile incorporates features that stand out from the other strategy games. Not only will you build your own empire, but you can also play Player Versus Player battles with your friends or anyone you choose. You can also spy on your enemies and make the gameplay even more interesting as you gain the upper hand. This means that you should also be careful that you are not being spied upon and that way you will have a true to life battle life experience. This is a brand new feature for any mobile strategy game.

Stunning Visuals

Lords Mobile is a noteworthy strategy game that has stunning visuals. You can experience the thrill of the war in beautiful 3D graphics. The quality of the multiplayer battles is something that deserves a special mention. It includes over a hundred units at any given moment at your screen.

The size of the installation file is 252 MB and additional content will be downloaded as you progress, so make sure you free up space. Don’t let the large size of the app scare you away, the hours of visual pleasure are something you don’t want to miss at any cost.



This is such a fun and addicting game and I come back to it every day. I love the graphics and the sounds also. Overall, it’s worth downloading it!

James M

Great graphics, the gameplay is fun and addicting and I just can’t get enough of it. Every fan of strategy games should try it!

Richard Miles

I love the graphics, it makes you feel like you are really there. I love the multiplayer battles also. Great game!

Justin S.

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