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Publisher Funcell 123 is giving mobile gamers a new strategy called Immortal conquest. This game is set in a fantasy world where it puts you in control of your very own plot of land. 2 million pieces of land on a vast map is a territory that you can successfully rule only if you develop a certain strategy. Select a powerful Gairo, which is a term for hero in this game and strategically achieve different objectives.

Military power 

As every aspiring emperor knows the first step to unifying one sprawling continent is building is having a strong military power. In order to do that, you will need the help of the gods- deities deriving from various mythologies and turned into warriors. They form your Gairo cards and then assist alongside your troops in becoming the next Genghis Khan. Every Gairo comes with an initial skill which you can’t change or dismantle. So make sure you utilize their specific skills and take on different enemies.


Skills are the crucial component that determines the capabilities of the Gairo and are one of the key factors on the outcome of the battles. You can use gems and coins to get skill experience which than you can use to enhance your Gairo skill. You can also create new skills through resource or through dismantling the Gairo’s less useful skills. Keep in mind that the skills have different uses including restorations, damage and statistical buffs so be careful that you choose the right ones.


You will also need to focus on your harvesting resources and strengthening your city, but make sure you know that there are plenty of resource rewards that you can retrieve from your buildings. However, don’t use all of your resources on upgrading every building in sight.

Form alliances

If you want a high reward you will need to take a risk.  In this game that means that you will need to occupy a city. You can only do that by forming alliances and if you are successful, the whole alliance will be praised and you will get access to places with better and higher levels of resources. On the other hand, if you betray your alliance that would highly likely result in bloodshed and defeat. There are no rules, but million opportunities to outthink your enemy.

You will need to think strategically before you team up with other conquerors. Not all alliance all created equal so you will need to think twice before teaming up. The best advice is to try to form alliances with neighboring players to make use of their territories and occupy rich land.

As the game progresses you should attack weaker cities to start creating your empire and it won’t be soon before long until you befriend distant empires to coordinate all out war.


Different than many games. Requires tactics and thinking. Definitely one of the best games I have played. Makes you feel like a true emperor.

Michael J.

The developers did an incredible job. I downloaded it a month ago and can’t stop playing. I love how the game is optimized continuously. Great job!

Tyson R.

Amazing game. Once I found alliances the game got even better. I am not even blinking. Everyone should give a try.

Neil M.

Great strategy game. The card collection, the community, the lore – everything that this game features is perfect. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Thomas M

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