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Castle Clash is an addictive combat strategy game where you can hire legions of powerful heroes in your quest to become the world’s greatest Warlord. In this mix of fast-paced strategy and combat you create an army loaded with elves, dwarfs, beasts, robots and more. It’s a game developed by IGG.COM and it’s now available in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Assemble your forces for a bigger clash!

Game features  

Like in every good strategy game at the beginning you are given a small area of map which you will need to protect at all costs. In this intense strategy game you are required to build an indestructible fortress from the ground up. Like every good warrior you will need troops and war advisors to make wise decisions that will turn the tides of the war. You will need to assemble a strong army made up of heroes from many different units. This means that you if you want to fight the devious Bosses you need to create a strong legion of powerful Heroes that represent different mythical creatures. Your progress in the game will depend mostly of your creativity and how your heroes will evolve. The latter and most fun part of the game is when you challenge and direct your army against other players over the Internet whenever you want.
Castle Clash is a fresh way to team up with your friends in this co-op epic guild versus guild battles, clash with cuddly yet deadly animals. Build more than a dozen different buildings and recruit various creatures with special powers, but always keep in the mind that the troops should be planned wisely, both in quality as well as quantity.


Heroes are essential to every gameplay. Every hero starts at hero level 1-star and is granted a random talent in addition to their skills. Heroes are increased by gaining experience in raids, dungeons and here by monsters or also by consuming tomes. You can purchase a hero in the Heroes altar and you can do that by using different resources like gems, honor badges, shards, hero cards and special legendary hero card. There are four types of heroes: Sacrifice heroes, Ordinary heroes, Elite heroes and Legendary heroes. Bosses are classified as heroes as well, but on the enemy’s side.

Easy to Play

Castle Clash is a management and strategy game, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard to play. On the contrary, the rules are very simple and once you get it going you will be amazed by the wonderful graphics and adorable pets. It has over 100 millions of players worldwide that are ready to face off online. Get ready for intense multiplayer battles with hundreds of units popping up at your screen at the same time.



Great mix of strategy and combat. I can’t stop playing. I love the graphics and the adorable pets. The rules are very simple and it’s very easy to get the game going.

Francisco M

I am into strategy games and this is one of my favorites. I love the visuals, the unique features and how intense the game can be at times.

Keith G

Highly recommended for everyone! Unique design, great visuals and adorable pets. I can’t stop playing.

Richard L.

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