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Bunny pop is a fun bubble-popping game making you save thousands of bunnies while taking you across hundreds of levels. It’s a game created by BitMango and it’s known as the world’s most beloved bubble shooting game.

Game features 

Basically, the most important thing which you will need to master is the bubble shooter with a cute bunny that you will use to to shoot the bubbles.  It’s a challenging game designed in a way that taking you to the next level doesn’t mean that the next level will be impossible to beat. However, once in a while you will stumble upon a level that at first will frustrate you, but if you take your time and aim precise you will pass it. Every level can be completed only by using real bunnies. The game offers over 200 bright levels and cute characters. The rules are very simple: match 3 of the same colored bubbles and you have a match.

Tips and tricks

As any other game, at the beginning bunny pop is a breeze to play, meaning every single shot bursts a large group of bubbles. Later on, as you progress, the game can get a little bit more challenging, so you will need some tricky shots to burst large groups and the bunnies will get harder to free. Don’t let this frustrate you, instead aim correct every time before you take the shot and make sure that the shot will end up where you want it to end. Always try to free bunnies with as few shots as you can. If you assess every shot the fun will become so fun and addicting to play.

Don’t shoot bubbles at random. Make a strategy first and analyze the tiles. Think a couple of times before you shoot. Considering that Bunny pop doesn’t have a shot-timer, you can take as much time as you need to make the perfect shot. If you try hard and succeed, every level can garner you a three-star rating.

Considering that the main goal of almost every level is to free the poor bunnies, pop large group of bubbles only if they are placed between you and the animal or if there aren’t any bubbles of the right color that will advance you to the next level.

After you have passed few levels, the game will reward you with you special attacks. Keep in mind that these special attacks should be used only when you really need to use them. If you notice that the game keeps on giving you colors that you don’t need, don’t try using special attacks, but instead just restart the game. You can pick up daily prices like a good amount of coins or a random special attack.


Easy to play

This is such an easy and fun game to play that offers you unlimited fun. Download it for free and don’t worry if your internet connection goes off while playing it. You can play this game offline anytime. It offers amazing visual effects and shooting sounds.


I love it to bits! I just can’t stop looking at the adorable bunnies. I love the design of the game, how challenging can the game get and the fact that  I can play it offline too!

Kevin H.

I love matching games and this one is my favorite. It’s colorful, vibrant, easy to play and so addicting! You must download this game!

Alberta K.

This is my stress reliever. I love how calming the game is and it’s the perfect way to relax after a rough day. It’s great for the kids as well.

Deborah C.

I play it with my kids and we both love it. The design is adorable and the gameplay is both fun and challenging. Recommended for kids and adults as well!

Malissa S.

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