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Angry Birds Blast is a game developed by Rovio. It’s a puzzle adventure game where the players will pop sets of balloons where the iconic Angry Birds are trapped and take down the devious Green Pigs. Perfect your bird saving skills and get rid of the Piggies once and for all.

Game features  

Angry Birds Blast is a somewhat unique matching game when compared to the popular games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. If you match 5 or more balloons you will create powerful booster and you will many of balloons at once. Furthermore, if you combine boosters there will be even more blasting. This means that you can create boosters and power-ups including racket bombs, laser guns, slingshots etc. Tiles will appear from the bottom and the matching balloons will cause the balloons below those that are matched to float upward. The game contains over 340 levels where you will need to use your balloon bursting skills to save the birds and outsmart the pigs.

Gold coins vs. silver coins

There are two types of coins in this game: gold coins and silver coins. The gold coins are harder to come by and they are considered to be the more “premium” coins and know that you will earn them very rarely and usually for special gifts and rewards. Silver coins are earned for completing levels, turning in quests etc and they can be used for buying power-ups and continues after losing a level.

Daily challenges

If you want to earn rewards and boosters you can join the daily challenges and destroy as many pigs as you can. You can reach the top and climb the world leader board by mastering your pig blasting skills and earning 3 stars with highs scores.

Tips and Tricks

You can beat most of the obstacles in this game by popping balloons near them, meaning that pigs will be defeated if you pop two sets of balloons near them, glass will be shattered if you pop a balloon that’s located next to it, bubbles will disappear if you pop a bird underneath it. However, be aware that some objects require that you pop balloons that are inside them and not the ones near them. This is important to know when you use power-ups. You should also tease your brain a little bit and develop a  strategic gameplay if you want to be the best in this game.

Easy to Play

This is a game that you can download and get it going in minutes. It’s a game that you learn to play easily because the rules can not be more simple. You can pick up and play this game anytime, anywhere without worrying if your internet connection will go off. You can play Angry Birds Blast even if you are offline. In addition, you can connect to Facebook and play it with your friends.



I love everything about this game! I love the graphics and the levels. So much fun. I am rating it with  5 stars without a doubt!

Nadene A.

Great time killer. Whenever I find the time, this is the first thing I do. I love the visuals, the storyline, the features and how nicely it is done. I already shared it with my friends and I am recommending it to everyone.

Edward M.

The birds are so cute and they make so funny noises I can’t stop smiling. Definitely worth downloading it. Great family game.

Sarah H.

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