8 Ball Pool – Review & Download

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4.5 stars on Play Store

8 Ball Pool – Review & DownloadPlay Store4.5

8 Ball Pool is a very fun and addictive app developed for Android, iOS and the web. It’s the original online game developed by Miniclip.

Rules in 8 Ball Pool

The game is very popular around the world, that’s why it has a very big community of online players. If you want to become a good 8 ball player you will need a lot of practice and acquiring certain skills.
There are two different ways you can play the game: 1-on-1 matches and tournaments.

8 ball poll has it’s own currency: Pool coins and Pool cash. You will need to earn pool coins of you want to enter 1-on-1 matches or tournaments. With the pool coins you can also buy new features from the Pool Shop.

You can earn pool coins in many different ways, for example: earning 25 coins every 30 minutes by just clicking the button on the main screen, by winning 1-on-1 matches and tournaments or by purchasing them from the Pool shop.

All the players in 8 ball pool have a certain rank, depending on the experience points, levels and ranks. You earn experience points regardless if you win or lose or no matter if you play on 1-on-1 match or in tournaments. Of course, the higher-ranked tournaments will bring you more experience points. Your experience points determine your level and your level determines your rank.

You can view all your Pool stats and some other statistics of your playing by clicking your Profile image in the top left corner. You can also check your opponent statistics by clicking his Profile image.

In order to call a pocket all you need to do is click the pocket you want to pot the ball into. If you are playing on a mid ranked table then you will be required to call the pocket on the 8 ball and if you are playing on a higher ranked table then you need to call a pocket for every ball.

User friendly app

No wonder 8 ball pool has become one of the most popular online games. It’s the world biggest online pool game with many fans from all over the world. 8 ball pool by Miniclip is user friendly and highly recommended even for beginners. It’s so much fun that once you get it going you are instantly drawn to it. The game play and controls are great, meaning they are very sensitive and accurate, so it’s up to you and your skills to level up and become a master of the game. It is considered by many the best multiplayer eight ball billiard game. It’s highly possible that you will improve your real life pool skills by improving your accuracy and coordination of the ball.


Awesome game and really easy to play. When I first started to play the game I was really bad at it. After week or so I become pro at aiming and making perfect shots. Graphics are also great! Highly recommended!

Allen Sanders

It’s great for beginners at gaming. Really easy to play and competition is really easy to beat. Also game has improved a lot after they published  the 9 ball. I enjoy both of them.

Richard Miles

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